Robert Glenn Ketchum

YK Delta from 1500 feet, 2003

Four-panel, double-sided loom weaving

Standing screen based on two aerial photographic images made flying over the Yukon-Kuskokwim river delta in Alaska. This loom-weaving was created on a loom with 3,000 lines of weft, the most complex in the world, and one the Chinese built JUST to render this image. The weaving employs select areas of hand-painting and hand-dye, as well as small clusters of gold thread (to represent the sun highlights off of the water), and the incorporation of peacock feathers to bring texture into an area of dry brush. All panels were woven simultaneously and required 4-1/2 years to complete.

4 panels, 52 3/4 x 25 inches, 100 inches total.

© Robert Glenn Ketchum
Tags: Loom Weaving, SERI