Michael Miley

Robert E. Lee on Traveller

Michael Miley with Adam Plecker

Rockbridge County, Virginia, September 1866

Carbon print 14 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches.

Signed Miley & Son on the original multiple paper layered mount.

This famous image probably marks the beginning of Miley's career as a photographer.
It is one of two portraits that resulted from a sitting with Lee in 1866 at Rockbridge Baths,
where Miley worked in collaboration with Adam Plecker.
It is one of only a few photographs of Lee on his horse, Traveller.
Robert E. Lee did not attend Confederate reunions and after Appomattox was ambivalent
about being portrayed as a soldier. He poses here as a general and wears his uniform,
but the insignia have been removed.
This image was retouched by Plecker and reissued in several variations.
Following the work with Miley, Plecker was active as a photographer in Lynchburg.
Tags: Civil War, Confederate General, Robert E Lee, Traveller, War Horse